Common Medications That Can Lead To ED

ED is one of the most common medical side effects. It makes sense. Erectile dysfunction can occur for a number of reasons, ranging from depression and anxiety to low blood pressure. When medications cause your overall health to change, it can also cause ED.

High Blood Pressure Medication

If you're on a high blood pressure medication, it's the most likely culprit. A medication that lowers your blood pressure is going to make it harder to achieve and sustain an erection. Of course, it would be irresponsible to go off of a high blood pressure medication. 

High blood pressure medications can cause ED because they reduce the amount of zinc in your body, which is necessary to create testosterone. So, if the zinc is your problem, you may be able to get a zinc supplement. Otherwise, you may need to experiment with medication and dosage.

Antidepressant Medications

Both antidepressant medications and anti-anxiety medications can cause ED. Since the biological mechanism for many antidepressants is still being explored, it's not fully understood why these medications cause ED. It is known that antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can lower the libido in general. If it's difficult to feel aroused, it may be antidepressants.

Of course, depression can equally cause ED and a lack of libido, so this needs to be carefully explored with therapy and treatment, in a clinical atmosphere. It could be that the antidepressants aren't working enough to recover libido.

Muscle Relaxers

Pain killers and muscle relaxers are also able to produce ED. Luckily, most people aren't on pain killers or muscle relaxers permanently, but rather until they have been fully treated for an injury. These medications produce ED because they relax all of the muscles, including the ones that are involved in achieving and maintaining an erection.

Muscle relaxers are usually recommended for athletes or for those who are suffering an injury, such as a muscle spasm. Once the spasms or injuries have been resolved, then the muscle relaxer can be weaned off, and regular erectile function should resume. 

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is still being explored by the public at large, and a link has been shown to marijuana use and ED. In the case of significant marijuana use, it's possible that blood vessels can become damaged. Marijuana also increases blood pressure short-term.

The good news is that erectile dysfunction may go away if you can locate its source. ED is very complicated, and there are many things that can cause it. An erectile dysfunction clinic can examine your complete medical work up and find a solution for you.