A Summer Bride's Guide To Laser Hair Surgery

Getting ready for a summer wedding often requires multiple steps to ensure that the bride looks as beautiful as possible. For example, laser hair removal can ensure that she looks gorgeous during the wedding and when going on her honeymoon somewhere beautiful. Before getting this treatment, it is important to ensure it is adequately scheduled to ensure an effective treatment option.

Starting Laser Hair Removal Before a Summer Wedding

Brides planning a summer wedding may want to plan their laser hair surgery several months before the wedding begins. Laser surgery often takes several applications to work effectively, and these treatments may be spread over several months. Typically, it is best for her to start in either the late fall or early winter to ensure that she has enough time to get her hair fully treated.

Even better, getting this surgery earlier can give her skin time to recover. While laser hair removal doesn't cause significant skin problems, it may be sore for a few days after each treatment. By getting her treatment done sooner, a bride ensures she has more than enough time to prepare fully.

What to Expect During Treatment

Laser hair removal is a fairly uniform procedure that typically goes the same for most women. While some variations may affect this process (such as a woman's skin tone or sensitivity), it typically goes through the same steps. Understanding them can help a bride better plan her treatment:

  1. Preparing for each treatment by avoiding the sun and managing wounds
  2. Sitting comfortably in a chair while the doctor applies a laser to the skin
  3. Waiting a few minutes after treatment for minor pain management

It is crucial for a bride to talk with her laser hair removal specialist about their care method to ensure that they get the best option for their needs. For example, they may find that certain laser types work better for their skin or that they need preparation (like hair-removal creams) to improve this process.

Finding a Laser Hair Therapy Professional

Laser hair therapy experts can also provide other treatment options that may work well for a bride. For example, they can help remove hair from her upper lip if she wants to have a hair-free face before her wedding. They can also provide various cosmetic treatments to tighten her skin and eliminate lines and wrinkles that may be lingering around her face. These steps can also help improve her appearance before a wedding.

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