3 Dangers Of Detoxing Solo

Even when you know that you have a substance abuse problem, it can be difficult to admit that you need help with it. For many people struggling with addiction, asking for help can feel like admitting more weakness at a time when you're already feeling weak for having become addicted in the first place. You may feel tempted to try to go through withdrawal on your own. However, detoxing alone can be dangerous.

Pigmentary Glaucoma & Hobbies: Advantages Of Using Medical Cannabis

Pigmentary glaucoma is a rare form of glaucoma. Unlike standard glaucoma, this form can affect people in their early thirties and late twenties. This means that the person may still be very active on a daily basis. If you suffer from this type of glaucoma, then you do not want your eye pressure to increase and cause more damage. This is why one of the medical options you have for treatment is medical cannabis.

Having Your Aging Parents Move In: Three Tips To Ease The Transition

When your parents reach the age at which it is no longer safe for them to live independently, moving them into your home is a great option. They will get to spend a lot of time with family, so they won't be as lonely. Plus, you will get to spend plenty of quality time with them during these last years. But as good of a choice as this may be for everyone involved, having your parents move in can also be quite challenging.

Three Times That You'll Truly Appreciate Going Through Lasik Surgery

When you've worn glasses for a long time, you're likely accustomed to having them on your face. However, you might still find them to be inconvenient at certain times — perhaps to the point at which you consider having Lasik surgery. When you meet with an eye specialist who performs this procedure, you'll get to hear all about how it's done, how the recovery goes, and ask any questions that you may have.

4 Reasons You Have Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, it's most likely because of some bad habits you partake in on a day to day basis. Many people suffer from back pain strictly because of bad habits and not from any kind of injury that they have suffered from in the past. If you experience back pain, but haven't' suffered an injury, here are four other reasons you are probably experiencing it: Poor Posture: Slouching is probably the worst bad habit for your back and the most common reason people suffer from back pain.