4 Tips For Handling The Loss Of A Loved One Through Suicide

The loss of a loved one is difficult under normal circumstances. When the loss is due to suicide, however, it can be especially hard to learn how to cope. 

Here are some tips for coping with a loss due to suicide.

Watch Your Energy Levels

Grief can significantly impact your energy levels and leave you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. As a result, it might be harder for you to cope with the loss of a loved one. 

One particular event that can be tiring is planning final arrangements for your loved one. Even though you might feel it is your responsibility to get everything done, ask for help. Friends, family, and the staff at the funeral home can give you the physical and emotional support needed to make the arrangements. 

Decide How to Handle Holidays

Holidays can be particularly difficult to face. Instead of trying not to remember your loved one, talk to your family and friends about ways to incorporate his or her memory in your holiday celebrations.

For instance, your family could gather on holidays and release balloons in honor of your loved one. The important thing to do is remember that despite what happened, your loved one cared for you. Dwell on the good in the person and not the loss. 

Focus on the Present

Work on dealing with issues as they come up. Staying focused on the present helps you to better focus on problems that need to be solved now. By dwelling on the past, you could invite blame and guilt to take over your life. 

While trying to stay focused on the present, you will have the occasional moment in which you feel overwhelmed. When this happens, try a relaxation technique to help ease your stress levels and clear your head. Relaxation can be as simple as having a massage or meditating.

Be Vocal About Your Feelings

Talking about your emotions can be hard during normal periods of time, but even more so during a stressful event. However, it is important that you verbalize how you are feeling to family and friends. 

This helps to reassure your family that you are fine. It also keeps you from shouldering a lot of heavy emotions related to your loss. If you need to, attend counseling with a therapist to get professional help with any emotions you might have trouble handling. 

Suicide can take away a loved one and leave family and friends struggling to deal with their emotions. Even though this is a difficult time for you, it is important that you take care of yourself and ensure you are still moving through the grieving process.

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