A Guide On Medical Spas

There is a growing popularity for medical spas. Such facilities combine the benefits of a medical clinic with a traditional spa to promote wellness. If you wonder whether medical spas are a suitable place for you, here are the critical insights on their treatments and benefits.  What is a Medical Spa?  A medical spa is a wellness facility that combines services available at a traditional day spa and a medical clinic.

How Online Psychiatry Can Help Anxiety Sufferers

A great many people struggle with anxiety, which is characterized by persistent worry, often about things that are non-concerning or even mundane to other people. While some anxiety or worry is considered normal, true anxiety is pervasive. It can even take the form of a variety of anxiety disorders, many of which are severe and debilitating. Fortunately, there is help available for anxiety sufferers, such as therapy and medication. Even better yet, in today's world, psychiatry is offered virtually by skilled, licensed practitioners.

A Guide On ABA Therapy

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is a practical therapy for people on the autism spectrum. There is considerable evidence that ABA helps improve learning, socialization, communication, and motor skills. So, what does ABA entail?   What is ABA?  The ABA approach proposes that it is possible to treat autism by modifying or extinguishing a set of behavioral symptoms associated with the disorder. Over recent years, ABA has become an evidence-based practice with peer-reviewed literature supporting its effectiveness.

Six Neurological Conditions That Can Cause Sleep Disorders

Patients suffering from a sleep disorder may wonder if their disorder has a neurological cause. There are many neurological conditions that can negatively impact a patient's ability to maintain healthy sleep habits. The following are six neurological conditions that can cause sleep disorders.  Circadian rhythm disorders Circadian rhythm disorders are a group of disorders that are caused by irregularities with a patient's "internal body clock." Symptoms of circadian rhythm disorders include problems falling asleep, problems staying asleep throughout the night, poor concentration, and frequent headaches.

Often-Ignored Symptoms That Warrant A Visit To The GI Specialist

Most people know that if they deal with ongoing constipation or diarrhea, they should see a gastroenterologist. These symptoms can indicate any number of issues, from infection to Crohn's disease. But these are not the only reasons to see a GI specialist. If you struggle with any of the following symptoms, you should also make an appointment with a gastroenterologist to see what's wrong. Unexplained Weight Loss Unexpected weight loss can have any number of causes, from cancer to diabetes.