Want A Better Sex Life? Breast Implants To The Rescue

The benefits of breast implants are not limited to just helping women have a fuller figure, achieve breast symmetry and have a wider selection when it comes to perfect fitting clothes. As a survey shows, getting breast implants can significantly improve a woman's sex life. The following are reasons why breast implants have amazing results when it comes to improving the sex lives of a significant number of women.

More sex

A healthy number of those who participated in the polls are said to have reported having more sex. This has everything to do with how one feels after a successful breast augmentation procedure.

Women who undergo the procedure tend to feel better about themselves. They tend to be less self-conscious, something that the members of the opposite sex find irresistibly attractive. And with attraction on their side, finding a partner becomes less of a struggle.

When it comes to a woman who is less self-conscious when it comes to her body, her brain tends to release more feel-good hormones. This is likely to increase the chances of her getting into the mood for sex. Therefore, the more confident she feels, the more likely is she to have frequent sex.

Better sex

It's not just more sex that breast implants help with. They also increase the chances of a woman experiencing satisfying sex.

In the bedroom, how a woman feels about her body usually plays a part in how she responds to sexual stimuli. If she is confident in how she looks, she is likely to be more relaxed in the bedroom. This usually increases her reception to stimuli, something that is bound to make foreplay more arousing. Good foreplay is basically a guarantee a better sexual experience.

And more

With more and better sex comes a string of other benefits. For women in a relationship, forming deeper bonds with their partner becomes easier. And this is not just because of how one feels after having sex. Sex has biological implications. For couples, more and better sex usually causes their brains to release two hormones: vasopressin and oxytocin. Both men and women usually release oxytocin after orgasm. This is a hormone that is believed to be responsible for the deepening of attachment bonds between partners, making them to feel closer to each other. Vasopressin on the other hand has the effect of making partners to be more inclined to forming stronger and stable bonds. It boosts commitment between partners.

The advantages of breast implants extend beyond the physical. Breast implant procedures have social and emotional benefits too. They may be just what you need to improve the quality of your life.