4 Dangers Inside Your Home When You Have COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is usually caused by smoking. The condition affects the lungs and how well they function. People who have been diagnosed with COPD have difficulty breathing. One of the first things people who are diagnosed with this condition usually do is quit smoking. While this can be a great first step, there are things around your home that can worsen the condition as well.   

Your Carpet

Having a carpet may seem harmless enough, but if you suffer from COPD it can become your worst nightmare. Carpet can be a holding cell for dust, dirt and other particles that may become airborne. These types of things can actually make COPD worse. If it is possible, you should have your carpet replaced with a type of surface that can be wet mopped, like wood or vinyl.

The Air

People need air to breathe. People with COPD especially need clean air to breathe. However, your heating a cooling system could be polluting the air in your home with dust and mold. As stated before, these things can aggravate COPD and make it worse. You should change out your regular air filters for ones that are designed to keep the air particle free. Also, do not be lazy about changing your filters. Change them when it is time for them to be changed. If needed, set yourself a reminder to change them out when the time comes.

Another thing that can aggravate COPD is strong scents. If you have been diagnosed with COPD and are noticing that you are having more issues with your COPD when around perfume or lit scented candles, then you may need to do a clean sweep of the house so your air is free of these triggers.

Forget Sitting by the Fire

There is nothing like sitting by a crackling fire in the fireplace in the dead of winter. Unfortunately, just like cigarette smoke can cause and aggravate COPD, smoke from a fireplace can cause your COPD symptoms to worsen. If you have a fireplace in your home, you should probably stop using it.

Cleaning Supplies

With dust and dirt being an aggravator of COPD, cleanliness is a must. However, if you use the wrong types of cleaners, you are just misting the air with things you should not breathe. Avoid using anything you have to spray to keep those chemicals from entering the air. Instead, use solutions that you can mix in a bowl and dip a sponge or washcloth in.

COPD makes breathing difficult. You should be aware of the dangers inside your home that could make the condition worse and change them if possible. For more tips and information, speak with your general practice physician or another professional.