3 Ways To Treat Glaucoma

If you think you don't see as well as you used to, you should plan a visit to your optometrist. This will allow you to have a comprehensive eye exam to determine your current vision and diagnose any problems. Studies do indicate that four million Americans have glaucoma, and this is the leading cause of blindness. This makes it more important than ever to visit your eye doctor to determine the cause of your vision problems. If you're diagnosed with this dangerous condition, it's ideal to begin treatment right away to decrease the effects of glaucoma. 

Eye drops

One of the first things you optometrist may recommend for you try is prescription drops that should be placed in your eye daily. These work to control the pressure of your eyes and may help delay the deterioration of your vision.

Listed below are some tips to consider when using this medication:

1.    Be sure to wash your hands before putting the drops in your eyes.

2.    Tell your medical provider about any vitamins or other medications you're taking before using these drops.

3.    Avoid allowing the dropper to come in direct contact with your eyes at any time.

Laser Vision Correction

Many people with glaucoma have relied on laser technology to decrease the effects of glaucoma. This has been proven to be a very efficient method for allowing you to see better when faced with this condition.

This surgery is used to assist with getting fluid out of the eye, and a laser beam is used to accomplish this.

Below are things you should do after having this surgery:

1.    Use steroid drops to decrease inflammation after having this procedure done. However, these drops have been known to increase the pressure on the eye so you will need to watch this.

2.    Visit your doctor for follow-ups to keep an eye on how well your eyes are healing.

Conventional Surgery

If the amount of pressure in your eyes is severe, your optometrist may recommend that you have a conventional surgery. This process will involve putting a small hole in the eye to allow for fluid to drain out that is causing the pressure.

It's possible to have this type of surgery repeatedly over time if necessary.

Being able to see your best is important. If you're faced with glaucoma, take the time to schedule an appointment with a medical provider (such as Leader Heights Eye Center) for your best treatment option.