Delivery Methods For Prohormones

When it comes to your health and wellbeing, hormone levels can play a significant role. If your hormone levels aren't balanced, you may find it difficult to reach your health and fitness goals. Taking prohormones can be beneficial in improving the efficiency of your body's own hormones.

If you are interested in increasing the performance levels of your body's hormones, here are three ways that you can deliver the prohormones needed to get the boost you are looking for.

1. Oral Delivery

Many of the prohormones being sold on the market today come in capsule form. These pills provide oral delivery of prohormones to your body. While taking a few capsules to boost your hormones each day can be convenient, oral delivery does have some drawbacks.

Because capsules must go through the initial digestion process in order to release the prohormones contained within them, the bioavailability of orally delivered prohormones can be reduced. Increasing your dosage (under the direction of a healthcare professional) can help offset reduced bioavailability to give you the results you are looking for.

If you travel frequently and need prohormones that are easy to pack, then opting for oral delivery is your best bet.

2. Liposomal Delivery

If you are looking for a delivery method that allows your prohormones to be dispersed slowly and consistently throughout the day, then liposomal delivery is a good option. Prohormones are suspended in a carrier liquid that contain liposomes. These liposomes help to keep the active agents in your prohormone soluble so that they can be absorbed by the body when the carrier liquid is placed between your lower lip and gum.

While this delivery method isn't as convenient as taking a capsule, the prohormones administered can be more readily absorbed by your body. Liposomal delivery tends to provide more consistent results than oral delivery, allowing you to get the most out of your prohormone treatment plan.

3. Transdermal Delivery

The most effective, and most complex, way to gain access to the prohormones you need is via a transdermal delivery system. A gel containing active prohormone agents is applied directly to the skin when using transdermal delivery.

This gel seeps through the skin's surface, and directly enters the body's bloodstream where the active agents can be delivered quickly and efficiently. Many people believe that transdermal delivery provides the greatest results, but it can be messy.

Understanding the different delivery systems available on the market today will help you choose the prohormone treatment that is best suited to your lifestyle.