It's All About The Game: 4 Steps To Help Your Child Avoid Sports Injuries

If your kids are active in sports, you need to do everything you can to protect them from sports injuries. While you can't prevent all injuries, you can help reduce the chances of them suffering serious injuries while participating in sports. Here are some steps you can take with your kids to help reduce the occurrence of sports-related injuries.

Provide Proper Protective Gear

When your kids participate in sports, it's important that they wear the proper protective gear. Whether they're participating in football, skiing, or skateboarding, you should ensure that they have the proper gear before they begin participating.

In addition to having the proper gear, it's important that they learn how to wear it properly. The gear can't provide maximum protection if it's not being worn properly. For instance, when wearing a bicycle helmet, the strap should be tightened securely under the chin to prevent it from falling off on impact.

Insist On Warm Up And Cool Down Periods

If your kids are running right out onto the field to play, they could be inviting an injury. Muscles that aren't properly warmed up aren't as flexible as muscles that have been stretched prior to strenuous physical activity. Make sure your kids spend several minutes warming up before they begin playing. It's also important that you have your kids spend a few minutes cooling down once the game is over. Warm up and cool down periods should include light stretching and breathing exercises.

Make Sure They Know The Rules

When you get your kids involved in sports, make sure they understand the rules before they begin participating. Playing by the rules can help reduce the chances of being injured. This is particularly true when all the participants know—and follow—the rules. It's also important that your child takes the time to learn about the sports equipment they'll be using. Knowing about the equipment can help prevent injuries. 

Never Let Them Play While Injured

If your child has a minor injury, they may be tempted to play in the next game. To prevent further injury, you should make sure your child sits out until they've fully recovered from the injury. Playing on an injury can increase the severity of the injury and lead to other injuries. This is particularly true if the injury makes it difficult for your child to maneuver properly. For maximum protection, have your child sit the game out until a doctor releases them for play.

Kids love to play, even when they're injured. You can help prevent sports injuries by following the suggestions provided above. For other suggestions on how to protect your child from sports-related injuries, be sure to speak to your family physician.