Top 4 Ways You Can Manage Your Back Pain

If you have back pain, you know how frustrating it can be. A good pain management plan prescribed by your doctor will help you find some relief. There are also ways you can manage your pain at home. Here are four ways you can manage your back pain:

1. Find ways to relax

Stress can make your pain worse. You need to learn how to manage stress and relax. Relaxation not only helps you deal with stress, but it puts your muscles at ease. This is beneficial if your back pain is caused by muscle tension. Here are relaxation techniques:

  • Sit in a quiet spot. Inhale as deep as you can and hold for a few seconds. Exhale completely and repeat as often as needed.
  • Try meditation by sitting in a quiet spot and repeating a word to yourself over and over. This will help you block out stress and pain.
  • Try a relaxation podcast or song.

2. Improve your posture

Posture can play a big role in your back pain. Poor posture puts added strain on your back and neck muscles and causes them to tense. Become more aware of your posture and look for ways you can improve it. Here are some tips for improving posture:

  • Perform strength training exercises that target back muscles. Examples include one-legged crunches, scissor kicks, and leg raises.
  • Stretch frequently throughout the day, especially if you have a desk job.
  • When sitting, standing, or walking, imagine someone poked you in the back to remember to straighten your posture.

3. Get more active

You don't need to get more exercise to help with your back pain, but you do need to get more active. Avoid staying in bed as much as possible. It's temping to want to lie down because of your pain, but it can actually make your pain worse. By moving and being active, your pain can improve over time.If you absolutely need bed rest, here are some tips:

  • Limit the amount you lie down to two days at the most.
  • Put pillows under your head and between your knees if you're lying on your side on a couch.
  • Place a pillow under your knees when you're on your back.

4. Use temperature therapy

Hot and cold temperatures work well to help relieve back pain. Use these therapies a couple times a day, especially before bed when you have the time to rest while they take effect. To make your own ice pack, simply place ice in a freezer bag and wrap in a paper towel. For heat therapy, use a heating pad.

These are ways you can manage your back pain. For more information about pain management, contact your doctor or back specialist.