Why Visiting A Regular Doctor Is A Good First Step If You Are Suffering From Depression

Visiting a regular doctor for depression might not sound like it could help, but it is the best first step you can take. A visit to the doctor can help determine if this is just a normal phase in life, or if you really do have depression that needs to be treated. Here are a few things you should know about visiting a doctor if you think you might have depression.

Depression doesn't always require medication or help

There are many levels of depression, and some people feel depressed after experiencing a traumatic event in life. Feeling sad and depressed for a reason is quite normal and usually will not require treatment. It is when people feel depressed for no reason or for long periods of time that is a reason for concern. When you visit the doctor for this, he or she will try to determine if this is a normal type of depression that most people experience at some point in life, or if this is something that needs further examination and possible treatment.

The doctor may use a questionnaire to determine the answer

A PHQ9 is a common questionnaire used by doctors as a screening tool. It contains a lot of questions that relate to how you feel about certain things and how often you feel that way. It asks if you feel suicidal, have trouble sleeping, and much more. As the doctor asks you the questions, you should try to answer them as honestly as possible. The doctor will then calculate the results, which are fairly accurate with how to proceed from that point on.

The treatment your doctor might suggest

If the screening test reveals that you have depression, the doctor might recommend several forms of treatment. The first is medication. There are dozens of different medications that are designed to help with depression. Some of the medications available are designed to stabilize your moods, while others are designed to treat depression. Finding a medication that works may take some time, so you should be prepared to stick with it.

In addition, the doctor might suggest counseling. Attending counseling is a great way to talk about how you are feeling, and this can be helpful for finding out the root problem of the depression.

If you feel depressed and if it is interfering with your regular daily activities, visit a primary care physician today or continue reading more for help.