Having Your Aging Parents Move In: Three Tips To Ease The Transition

When your parents reach the age at which it is no longer safe for them to live independently, moving them into your home is a great option. They will get to spend a lot of time with family, so they won't be as lonely. Plus, you will get to spend plenty of quality time with them during these last years. But as good of a choice as this may be for everyone involved, having your parents move in can also be quite challenging. Here are a few ways you can ease the transition.

Take some time off of work.

If possible, take the week your parents move in off of work. This will allow you to focus completely on getting them settled in your home. You won't feel as busy, so you'll be able to have more patience with them during the move. Plus, your parents will be tired from the move and won't be used to your home yet, which will leave them more prone to falling and having other accidents. Your presence during this first week will keep everyone safe during this initial transitional period.

Hire a home care service.

Caring for your aging parents can feel like a full-time job. On top of the job you already have! Take the burden off yourself by hiring a home care service to come in a couple of times per week. You can have them stop by at lunchtime and prepare a meal for your parents while you're at work, or you can have them come in the morning, just after you've left for work, and help your parents prepare for the day. The goal is to hire senior care providers early on so you do not become exhausted and overburdened.

Establish some alone time.

Especially if you have a spouse at home, the two of you are going to want some alone time away from your parents. And honestly, your parents may want some alone time away from you, too! Set boundaries early on by designating some time each day that you will each "do your own thing." This could be an hour in the evening during which you get the living room to yourself as your parents prepare for bed. 

If you follow the tips above, the process of moving your parents into your own home should go more smoothly. Remember that this is a change that can take time to get used to. Be patient; you'll live together in harmony before long.