Pigmentary Glaucoma & Hobbies: Advantages Of Using Medical Cannabis

Pigmentary glaucoma is a rare form of glaucoma. Unlike standard glaucoma, this form can affect people in their early thirties and late twenties. This means that the person may still be very active on a daily basis. If you suffer from this type of glaucoma, then you do not want your eye pressure to increase and cause more damage. This is why one of the medical options you have for treatment is medical cannabis. Cannabis can serve as a pressure release for glaucoma and there are four various hobbies that it can be used after for an effective treatment. Learning about these hobbies can help protect the health of your eyes for many years to come.

Recreational Sports

When you suffer from pigmentary glaucoma, small flakes of your pigment actually fall off your eye and block the ducts that are needed to help decrease pressure. Studies have shown that one way that more flakes can go off of your eyes is through vigorous sports activities. If you play in leagues like flag football, basketball, or volleyball, then your pressure may increase after every session. The use of medical cannabis has been shown to decrease eye pressure for hours after it is taken. This means that you can get prescribed the cannabis and then use it after all of your sports games. This will help relieve your eye pressure and keep it low to help prevent nerve damage.

Mountain Hiking

Hiking and jogging on mountain trails not only provides great views, but it can change the pressure in your eyes. Not only does this hobby require vigorous exercise, but you are going to different altitudes that can really mess with the feelings that your eyes have. Along with supplementing by using eye drops, you also have the option of using medical cannabis after a long hike. Not only will it help with your eyes, but it can help your relax and mellow out after a long walk. If you are given a pill form, then it makes it easy to carry with you and take when the trip is over.

Binge Watching

When you are diagnosed with pigmentary glaucoma, your eyes will likely go through a lot of different treatments. This may include eye drops that are put in your eyes daily. The eye drops may help reduce pressure, but they can also cause you strain, dryness, and pain in your eyes. This pain may increase when you have hobbies that cause eye strain. For example, you may love to binge watch collections of movies or seasons of TV shows. After a few hours, you may find that your eyes are strained and in pain. If this is the case, then the eye drops can be paired with cannabis to help relieve some of the pain and dryness. You can relax and know that your feels better by using the cannabis with your regular drops. A doctor can help you find the right balance between the drops and the cannabis.

Vacation Adventures

If you love going on vacation, it's also important to consider the health of your eyes. Extra pressure form scuba diving, doing extreme sports, and visiting all types of locations can have an impact on your eye pressure. While it's a great hobby, you may need medical cannabis to help relieve pressure form your adventures. Depending on the location you visit, it's important to see if using the medical cannabis is legal. If it is not allowed, then you may use it as soon as you get home from vacation. This also applies to other types of vacations like day trips.

A doctor can help diagnose your issues and determine if you need any type of cannabis to help keep your eyes healthy for the long run.