Advantages Of Dermatology Compounding For Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis comes in many forms, and each one requires special treatments and unique management techniques. Because it needs to be handled so carefully, many doctors are turning to compounding treatments to help address many different problems with one treatment. If you're struggling with any kind of psoriasis, your doctor may have mentioned compounding treatments for you. Here are a few reasons why the traditional psoriasis treatments are better when they're personalized and tailored to your specific needs:

Minimizes The Effects Of Coal Tar

Coal tar helps to address psoriasis at a cellular level, so it slows the growth and spread of the condition. It's usually applied as a salve and it sits on the skin for a few hours before being rinsed off. Coal tar also helps to minimize itchiness and inflammation in the affected area. Unfortunately, when used as a direct treatment, it can also lead to photosensitivity and dry skin problems. Further, it doesn't have a pleasant smell, which can discourage patients from using it.

Allows For Moderated Use Of Salicylic Acid

To eliminate the patches of psoriatic scales, many doctors use salicylic acid. In high initial doses, it softens the scales and helps to eliminate them. Gradually the dosage is reduced until it's not needed anymore. Unfortunately, salicylic acid can have some negative effects as well. Prolonged exposure to it can lead to hair loss in the affected area as well as direct skin irritation where it's applied. With a compound treatment, you can minimize this effect by essentially diluting the direct application. You still get the benefit of the salicylic acid but it reduces the harmful effects.

Reduces The Need For Steroids

Many patients need to use topical steroids to manage the inflammation caused by psoriasis. Steroid treatments also minimize the itching and plaque overgrowth that it causes. Unfortunately, some patients can react harshly to steroid treatments, struggling with burning and irritation where the topical treatment is applied, and in some cases, they even suffer thinning skin in the affected areas. When you incorporate the steroid creams into a mixture that's custom blended for you, it can minimize the harmful effects of steroid creams while still allowing you to reap the benefit.

When you factor in how many variables there are to successful treatment of psoriasis, there's no surprise that many doctors are choosing compounding treatments. It allows for a precise blend that's tailored to your specific needs. Talk with your dermatologist today about the possibility of a compounded treatment to manage your psoriasis.

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