3 Tips To Reduce Stress When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral for a loved one is one of the worst experiences, and it can add a lot of stress, which is something you don't need while trying to say goodbye to your family member or friend. To help reduce stress during funeral planning, follow these three tips.


Before your loved one passes, it is a good time to do some pre-planning. Once they pass, it will be difficult to focus on making decisions, and you won't be able to ask them what they prefer, such as burial or cremation. Instead of waiting until the last minute to make every decision, do as much as you can prior to their passing. The best choice is to make all the preparations, so when the time comes, you can be allowed to grieve without stress. Of course, many people don't like to talk to their loved one about the inevitable, but try to get some of the big decisions made if possible, such as where they want to be buried.

Take it Slow

Once your loved one passes, it may seem like everything is snowballing. Every day, you have people to call and decisions to make. It's easy to become overwhelmed and make snap decisions, so you can move on to the next task. However, doing this prevents you from being able to express and explore your emotions, so you can process the death. On top of that, when you make snap decisions, you make easy decisions, which are often more expensive. If you take it slow, you'll have time to deal with your emotions and make choices that are more affordable.

Ask for Help

Even if you're in charge of the funeral, you don't have to do everything alone. For starters, ask friends or siblings to help with some of the minor details. If you really want to pass most of the work on to someone else, hire a mortuary. You still need to make most of the decisions, but they will do all the work for you. They may even be able to offer suggestions if you are stuck on flowers, songs, etc.

When your loved one passes, you don't want to be stressed with decisions. You want to remember the time you spent with them and appreciate the funeral or celebration of life. For more information about what a mortuary or funeral home can do for you, contact one in your area today.