Four Arthritis Treatments You Can Safely Combine With Your Prescriptions

If you have arthritis, your doctor has probably prescribed a prescription medication to keep you more comfortable. However, since there is no cure for arthritis, this prescription will mostly keep you comfortable and perhaps prevent your arthritis from getting worse. It does not always ease the pain completely — and you may be perplexed as to how you can ease the remaining pain.

Here are four arthritis treatments you can safely combine with your prescriptions for enhanced comfort.

Capsaicin Rubs

Capsaicin is the substance in hot peppers that makes them spicy. When applied topically, it helps increase circulation to the area and ease pain. There are various over-the-counter preparations that contain capsaicin and that you can rub on your joints for arthritis relief. Keep one on hand, and apply it whenever your pain flairs up. Since you are not ingesting the substance, and since it is a very natural, harmless substance, it's completely safe to combine with your prescription meds.

Massage Therapy

Massage treats the muscles, so you may not immediately think of it as a treatment for arthritis. But releasing muscle tension can decrease the tension on your joints, alleviating some of your arthritis pain. Plus, when your muscles are loose and supple, they absorb a lot of the shock when you move so your joints do not have to. Visit a massage therapy center every two or three weeks, and you'll notice your pain start to subside. Make sure you let your massage therapist know you have arthritis — and where — so they can focus your treatment on those areas.

Hot Tub Soaks

It you have a hot tub, or if you have a friend who has one, then consider taking a soak every few days. The heat helps loosen up your joints and also bring more bloodflow into them, which reduces inflammation and eases arthritis pain. Sip a cool, nonalcoholic drink while you're in the hot tub to prevent overheating, and try to soak for about 20 minutes each session.

Light Exercise

You probably don't feel like going out to run a marathon or playing an intense game of basketball with your arthritis, but getting some light exercise will help relieve your arthritis pain as it increases blood flow to your joints and helps keep inflammation at bay. Try going for a walk, or if you are very stiff, swimming. Swimming is excellent exercise for arthritic patients because it is low impact and utilizes your whole body.

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