Worried About Smoking? Three Other Ways To Get The Benefits Of Medical THC

Smoking marijuana is often considered to not be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, mostly because there aren't as many additives and chemicals in a marijuana joint. Even so, it's understandable if you feel cautious about the idea of smoking anything. Smoke is bad for the lungs, and there's no reason to hurt yourself to enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Here are three other ways to imbibe THC without touching a joint.


There are plenty of jokes about weed brownies, but the reality is, edibles are enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users of marijuana for a reason. Unlike smoking, edibles tend to make the person eating them stay under the influence for longer, which can be helpful if you're using THC for pain relief.

Edibles can be procured in different ways. Most medical marijuana shops sell edible products that clearly state how many milligrams of THC they contain. If you're not sure what's a good dose for you, ask the budtender behind the counter for help. Alternatively, you can purchase THC-infused butter or oil in order to make your own THC-infused food at home.


Another good choice is to purchase tinctures. Tinctures are concentrated THC mixed with a carrier substance, typically an oil or alcohol. Tinctures are powerful enough that just a few drops is typically enough to give someone the benefits of THC. The drops can be swallowed, added to food or drink, or left under the tongue for quick absorption. The choice is up to you. In any case, tinctures typically list every ingredient that goes into them, so you can be sure what you're consuming is safe.


Lastly, if your reason for using medical marijuana is physical pain, you can always give topicals a try. Medical marijuana topicals typically contain high levels of CBD, which is useful for pain relief and reducing inflammation.  If you don't want to consume marijuana at all, these products can be applied directly to your skin. Most people experience a soothing sensation and considerable pain relief after applying these products. Topicals are also a great idea if you want medical marijuana benefits without getting stoned or being under the influence.

Medical marijuana can help people in many ways, including offering pain relief. Even so, that doesn't mean that you have to risk the health of your esophagus and lungs in order to get help. Visit your local medical marijuana shop to find out what alternative products they have to offer you that don't require smoking.

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