Breast Augmentation Helps Manage Depression Related To A Mastectomy

Breast cancer can be treated in a variety of ways, many of which can save the breasts and keep a woman feeling feminine. However, some women may have to get a mastectomy – the removal of the breasts – to avoid serious consequences. Unfortunately, this surgery may trigger a lot of negative emotions that may require breast augmentation to manage.

Mastectomy Saves Lives But Upsets Emotions

Although a mastectomy is usually considered a last resort for breast cancer – because of the impact that it has on the body and mind of women – it is a lifesaving procedure when done properly. However, many women find themselves emotionally distraught after losing their breasts and may feel less like a woman – emotions that may spiral into depression that may be hard to shake.

These negative emotions may not be temporary and may linger with a woman long after her initial surgery. When this happens, it is often necessary for that woman to get high-quality help from a psychiatrist to stay happy and focused. However, they may also need breast augmentation as a way of fending off negative emotions and feeling better about themselves as a person.

Ways Breast Augmentation May Help

Breast augmentation is often a critical step for women experiencing depression after cancer surgery. This process implants artificial breast material that increases a woman's chest size to make her feel better about herself and her looks. For those women who are particularly focused on their looks, this step may be critical as a way of ensuring that they don't experience any emotional difficulties.

Even better, breast implants can even help with a potential recurrence of breast cancer by placing artificial material where flesh once existed. This may help to stop the growth of some tumors or keep them from spreading, though this factor varies based on many different elements and should not be considered a fool-proof way to treat breast cancer and any other related issues.

Before getting this type of treatment, a woman must discuss her overall emotional health with her doctor to get a better idea of whether or not she is prepared for the demands that it may place on her. Thankfully, most women should be capable of handling this situation if they are otherwise feeling emotionally weak after breast cancer removal. In this way, they can regain the happy and feminine life that they had before treatment.