How Acupuncture Helps With Depression

Depression is a serious disease that typically requires several types of treatment to fully beat it. Acupuncture can be one of these methods and a useful part of your overall care for depression. If you're struggling with this condition or know someone who is, here's why acupuncture is worth a try. Acupuncture For Depression in the West Opinions on why acupuncture works differ, but many people agree that it does. The general thought about acupuncture working on depression in the western world is that acupuncture needles trigger the release of endorphins in the body.

Getting Shorter In Height? You Could Have Osteoporosis And Vertebrae Fractures

If you seem to get shorter and shorter as the years pass by, have a doctor check you for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a life-altering bone disease that can cause hidden bone fractures in the spine. The condition can also cause the bones of your spine (vertebrae) to collapse, which gradually affects your height. Here's how osteoporosis collapses your spinal bones and how you can check to see if it's the reason behind your shrinking height.

Worried About Smoking? Three Other Ways To Get The Benefits Of Medical THC

Smoking marijuana is often considered to not be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, mostly because there aren't as many additives and chemicals in a marijuana joint. Even so, it's understandable if you feel cautious about the idea of smoking anything. Smoke is bad for the lungs, and there's no reason to hurt yourself to enjoy the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Here are three other ways to imbibe THC without touching a joint.

Four Arthritis Treatments You Can Safely Combine With Your Prescriptions

If you have arthritis, your doctor has probably prescribed a prescription medication to keep you more comfortable. However, since there is no cure for arthritis, this prescription will mostly keep you comfortable and perhaps prevent your arthritis from getting worse. It does not always ease the pain completely — and you may be perplexed as to how you can ease the remaining pain. Here are four arthritis treatments you can safely combine with your prescriptions for enhanced comfort.

3 Tips To Reduce Stress When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral for a loved one is one of the worst experiences, and it can add a lot of stress, which is something you don't need while trying to say goodbye to your family member or friend. To help reduce stress during funeral planning, follow these three tips. Pre-Plan Before your loved one passes, it is a good time to do some pre-planning. Once they pass, it will be difficult to focus on making decisions, and you won't be able to ask them what they prefer, such as burial or cremation.