Reiki Healing: Is It Right For You?

For those looking for alternative healing methods, or a way to supplement their doctor's treatment plan, Reiki is a good option. This healing technique uses energy from touch to help people relax to reduce stress and anxiety. Reiki practitioners deliver energy to a patient's body using their hands. This gentle touch is said to improve the balance and flow of energy needed to support healing. Read on to learn more about Reiki healing.

The True Value Of Employee CPR Training And Certification In The Workplace

Various laws and regulations require employers to set and maintain certain safety standards in the organizations. These laws are meant to protect employees, customers, and other visitors that visit the workplace. All worksites are different and face unique safety and health challenges. However, every workplace can benefit from employees who understand basic emergency response techniques. Skills like burn management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and setting stitches can be the difference between life and death.

What To Look For In A Weight Loss Program As Someone With 100+ Pounds To Lose

Losing weight isn't usually easy. But in most cases, losing 100+ pounds is significantly harder than dropping a casual five or ten pounds. If you're someone who is looking to lose such a large amount of weight, then you really want to ensure you're following a solid weight loss program from the get-go. What should you look for in a program? Here are a few key elements. Endorsement by medical professionals.

A Guide On Medical Spas

There is a growing popularity for medical spas. Such facilities combine the benefits of a medical clinic with a traditional spa to promote wellness. If you wonder whether medical spas are a suitable place for you, here are the critical insights on their treatments and benefits.  What is a Medical Spa?  A medical spa is a wellness facility that combines services available at a traditional day spa and a medical clinic.

How Online Psychiatry Can Help Anxiety Sufferers

A great many people struggle with anxiety, which is characterized by persistent worry, often about things that are non-concerning or even mundane to other people. While some anxiety or worry is considered normal, true anxiety is pervasive. It can even take the form of a variety of anxiety disorders, many of which are severe and debilitating. Fortunately, there is help available for anxiety sufferers, such as therapy and medication. Even better yet, in today's world, psychiatry is offered virtually by skilled, licensed practitioners.